JFASD Volunteer Leaders

Volunteer Leaders are the foundation of Jews For A Secular Democracy (JFASD).

YOU play the key role in organizing and shaping grassroots advocacy initiatives. 


We want the undue influence of religion out of government.

We defend separation of church and state through a Jewish perspective, at all levels of the U.S. local, state, and federal government.  

We hold elected leaders accountable to religious neutrality on policy making.

We organize and disseminate a response to right-wing religious efforts to roll back advances on issues such as:

  • Reproductive Rights


  • + Equality

  • Racial Justice

  • Environmental Justice

  • Secular Education For All

  • Women’s Equality

  • And more!


Step 1: Fill out the Volunteer Form below!

Step 2: Attend or watch the recordings of two training sessions: Communication 101 & Advocacy 101

Step 3: Coordinate with the JFASD staff on the issues YOU are passionate about!

Step 4: Mobilize grassroots activists through education and advocacy around YOUR chosen issue(s) and incorporate current events into your advocacy.

Step 5: Keep it Local and Personal! Organize specific local advocacy projects, (i.e. addressing a school, lobbying city or state legislatures, petitioning/tabling efforts)


JFASD’s expert organizers, policy wonks, and communication savants are here to help!

       WE PROVIDE:

  • Assistance in strategic planning and comprehensive organizing

  • Branded JFASD presentation and educational materials

  • Technical support, including sharing our premium Zoom account

  •  A network to like-minded organizers and leaders in your local secular and Jewish communities

  • Branding and national support for local initiatives that advance separation of religion and government

Quick Ways To Make A Difference:

  • Educate and collaborate on JFASD national advocacy campaigns found HERE

  • Draft and sign letters to federal government agencies and Congress 

  • Write an issue based blog post for jfasd.org

Volunteer Requirements:

  1. We welcome Jews of any or no denomination as well as friends and allies. 

  2. A passion for issues of church/state separation through a Jewish lens.

  3. A few hours a month to be a champion for these issues in your community!

  4. Coordinate your efforts with JFASD staff and fellow volunteers, and keep us posted.

  5. Simply fill out the form below to get started!