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Why Secular Democracy?

The surest safeguard of all citizens’ rights is a government neutral to religion including those with no religion. Jews have a unique role in this effort.

Our Mission

Why Should Jews Care?

Jews have benefited greatly from secular democracy; now we have a responsibility to ensure that all others have the same freedoms.

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What’s Happening Now?

Join us to learn from leading activists and experts working to defend the separation of church and state across the nation.

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We bring Jews to action

on issues of religion-state separation

Through advocacy, mobilizing people and resources, and partnerships with allies, Jews for a Secular Democracy brings more Jews to action on religion-state issues.

While there are great organizations in the secular world fighting for the separation of church and state, and great Jewish organizations fighting for social justice in general, Jews for a Secular Democracy is a unique initiative focused on issues of religion-state separation from a Jewish perspective.

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Key Issues We Address

Re-build THIS wall (of separation between church and state)

Protecting Religious Minorities

Jews were once excluded from commercial enterprises and we won’t accept it again, no matter who the target. We oppose discrimination against all religious minorities, including nonreligious people, and advocate for inclusion of all faiths and none in our government and society.

Reproductive Rights

We supports bodily autonomy as a Jewish value and a human right. Elected officials should not be basing laws on biblical or religious beliefs. We advocate for access to comprehensive access to reproductive healthcare, including abortion and contraception. 

LGBTQ American flag

LGBTQ+ Rights

Religion is not a license to discriminate. We oppose religious exemptions that allow employers, businesses, and government-funded programs to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. Grounded in our secular and Jewish values, we advocate for full LGBTQ equality.

School classroom

Access to Secular Public Education

All schools, even religion-based schools (including yeshivas), must require meaningful instruction in standardized subjects essential to gainful employment and engaged citizenship, such as math, science, history, and English. We also support access to comprehensive, evidence-based sex education for all students.

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