States capitalize on a pandemic to ban abortion as “non-essential”

States capitalize on a pandemic to ban abortion as “non-essential”

Religious fundamentalists in at least six states (Indiana, Iowa, Mississippi, Ohio, Oklahoma and Texas) are taking advantage of coronavirus stay-at-home orders to block access to abortion, classifying it as a “non-essential” service. They claim to be doing so to preserve PPE and hospital capacity for coronavirus cases, however many abortions simply require taking a pill. Planned Parenthood and other providers have sued, and so far judges in Alabama, Ohio and Texas blocked the bans—unfortunately, the Texas ban was ultimately upheld on appeal this week.

Jews for a Secular Democracy took action this week to make sure Jewish voices were heard on this issue. If you are a Jewish voter in Texas, click here tell Governor Abbott that abortions during a pandemic is essential.

Abortion is time-sensitive healthcare. If elected officials’ religious beliefs cause them to take issue with specific medical procedures, be they abortions, vasectomies, vaccines, or blood transfusions, it is their right of consenting adults to opt out or refuse those procedures. It is not their right to impose those beliefs on the constituents they represent.

What you can do:

While we practice social distancing, Jews for a Secular Democracy is educating and engaging our community on these issue through a series of virtual events empowering our supporters to write to their lawmakers. You can make a difference and support our work by encouraging others to sign up for our newsletter, sign up to volunteer, write to your lawmakers, and donate to the initiative to sustain our work.

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