Welcoming Nomi Joyrich, Our New Michigan JFASD Director

Nomi Joyrich is Michigan’s first organizing Director for Jews For a Secular Democracy (JFASD) and an organizer for Michigan Unitarian Universalist Social Justice Network (MUUSJN.) Nomi’s work supporting interfaith concerns and social justice issues spans decades and includes political activism at all levels of government. Nomi’s current focus is on reproductive freedom, economic justice, and voting rights and protection.

Nomi received her B.A. in Minority-Majority Group Relations, Political Philosophy and Psychology from James Madison College, Michigan State University. She received her Masters of Social Work from the University of Washington. Prior to working full time as a social justice organizer, Nomi was a social worker—first for the Seattle Indians Health Board and later for Seattle Public Schools. Nomi was also a long-time small business owner even as she remained politically active as an agent for social change. Nomi is the child of Holocaust survivors and a member at Temple Kol Ami. She lives in Farmington Hills with her husband and two daughters.

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