Welcoming Nicole Klein Knight, Our New National Coordinator

Besides coordinating the Jews for a Secular Democracy initiative nationally, Nicole Klein Knight is a second-term State Representative who serves on the Criminal Justice Committee in the State of New Hampshire. She is the Floor Leader for the Progressive Caucus and Secretary for the Young Democrats Caucus. Nicole co-founded the Never Again New Hampshire chapter in 2019. She centers her legislation and advocacy with the immigrant community, incarcerated community, minor’s protective rights, sex worker rights, substance user rehabilitation, and the houseless community among others. Her first year in office she passed a bipartisan voting rights law for the formerly incarcerated. Rep. Klein Knight is looking to the future and is passionate about increasing mental health infrastructure services and further representing the young people’s needs in New Hampshire.

Before becoming a Public Servant, Nicole worked as the Communications Specialist for a Fortune 500 company. While in college, she had the privilege of being the Jewish Student Intern on the Santa Rosa Community College Campus from 2007 to 2009 where she assisted in Jewish engagement and facilitating events. After transferring to California College of the Arts where she received a BFA, she took a year to travel and live in Thailand.  She is proud to have had her Bat Mitzvah teacher, who later became her Cantor, marry her and her husband in the beautiful woods of New England in October 2018. Click here to email Nicole.

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