Welcoming Katie Reiter, Our New National Coordinator

Katie Reiter grew up at the Birmingham Temple, now known as the Congregation for Humanistic Judaism. She studied under Rabbi Sherwin Wine and feels strongly connected to and appreciative of the teachings of Rabbi Wine and Humanistic Judaism. Accordingly, she has spent her life advocating for her community and fighting for human rights. For over 20 years, Katie juggled raising three children with running a successful health management consulting business and being a volunteer community activist. Eventually, Katie opened Our Greentopia, LLC., an eco-lifestyle boutique with a mission centered around environmental education and advocacy. A few years later, Katie decided to take her activism to the next level and run for office. While she did not win, she immediately jumped in to help the campaign of Michigan Senate candidate Rosemary Bayer. After Senator Bayer won the election, Katie accepted the position of Chief of Staff to the newly elected Senator. She served the Senator for 3 years, focusing on such issues as gun violence prevention, homelessness and poverty eradication, environmental justice, educational justice and reproductive rights. Katie currently serves on the board of Women Confronting Racism and the steering committee of End Gun Violence Michigan. Katie recently moved to Tucson, Arizona and is excited to work for JFASD fighting for the freedom of and from religion.

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