Defending Democracy webinar

UPCOMING: State Legislators on Combating White Christian Nationalism in State Policy

Many of our critical civil rights—from abortion and discrimination protections, to access to public education and voting rights, fall to state governments. In this webinar, you’ll hear directly from Jewish legislators who are on the frontlines battling white Christian nationalists in their respective legislatures, and how they are fighting for secular democracy.

In this timely webinar, join state legislators Louisiana State Representative Mandie Landry and Pennsylvania State Representative Dan Frankel as they share their experiences and insights into the growing influence of white Christian nationalism on policy and legislation within their respective states. Discover how this ideology is reshaping political landscapes, driving exclusionary practices, and challenging the foundational principles of democracy.

Our panelists will delve into the specific policies and laws influenced by white Christian nationalism and discuss the broader implications for state governance and individual rights. Learn about the strategies they’ve used to combat these trends and promote inclusivity and justice.

Additionally, this webinar will underscore the critical importance of the upcoming election in shaping the future of state and national politics. You’ll gain an understanding of why it’s essential for voters to recognize the goals and tactics of white Christian nationalism and how to support leaders who stand for a diverse and equitable society.

Join us for a candid conversation about protecting democratic values, and find out how you can play a role in making a difference in your community and beyond. Register now!

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