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Rep. Jamie Raskin Accepts the Jews for a Secular Democracy Constitutional Defender Award

On December 5, 2021 in Silver Spring, MD, nearly 100 masked-and-vaxxed attendees of the “Hanukkah: A Celebration of Freedom” event — co-sponsored by Machar: The Washington Congregation for Secular Humanistic Judaism and the Society for Humanistic Judaism — gave a rousing show of appreciation for Congressman Jamie Raskin (MD-08) as he was awarded the Constitutional Defender Award of Humanistic Judaism’s Jews for a Secular Democracy social justice initiative. He spoke eloquently of the meaning and importance of the separation of...
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Abortion and the Supreme Court with Monica Miller of American Humanist Association

Recorded on November 9, 2021, Monica Miller, Legal Director and Senior Counsel at the American Humanist Association, discussed the recent Texas abortion ban, which outlaws all abortions after 6 weeks and allows citizens to sue individuals who aid or abet an abortion, and why the Supreme Court let it stand for now. Having argued in front of the Supreme Court herself, she answered questions and addressed concerns for the future of reproductive rights, and what we might expect from the...
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What it means to be a ‘Jew of No Religion’ — it’s not what you think

This piece originally appeared in J. The Jewish News of Northern California on May 19, 2021 I’m thrilled that atheist/agnostic, nonreligious Jews like me seem to be growing in numbers. I’m concerned, though, that our full set of values is not made apparent by the new Pew Research survey of American Jews. Pew splits the community between “Jews by Religion” and “Jews of No Religion.” It suggests an increase among Jews of No Religion to 27 percent of all Jewish...
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Christian Nationalism On The Rise: Jewish Role in Protecting Separation of Church and State

Hosted by Temple Israel in Central Florida (, with an introduction and contributions from the synagogue’s Rabbi Joshua Neely, this interfaith panel discussion addressed questions including: What is Christian nationalism? How does it impact our national and local politics, and the Jewish community specifically? This session unpacks all of these big questions from various perspectives and presents attendees with how their congregation can advocate for the separation of religion and government. Panelists: Rabbi Merrill Shapiro, Immediate Past National President, Americans...
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The 2020 Pew Survey of American Jews: Beliefs, Politics, and How They Relate

During this joint presentation from the Society for Humanistic Judaism ( and its pluralistic social justice initiative, Jews for a Secular Democracy (, Paul Golin discusses some of the key findings about rising secularity among American Jews and how it impacts their political decisions, and the relationship between secularity/liberal religion with liberal political views. One issue discussed is how the questions in the survey are particularistic to an organized Jewish communal worldview, rather than reflecting the full view of Jews...
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