Welcoming Lincoln Dow, Our New Community Organizer

JFASD Program Coordinator Lincoln Dow

Welcoming Lincoln Dow, Our New Community Organizer

Lincoln Dow is the new Community Organizer and Program Coordinator of Jews for a Secular Democracy! Lincoln, a native of Houston who now resides in New York, is the first staffer dedicated solely to Jews for a Secular Democracy, a pluralistic initiative of the Society for Humanistic Judaism.

Prior to joining Jews for a Secular Democracy and the SHJ, Lincoln worked in state level politics in Texas, most recently focusing on voter registration for Jolt Initiative and before that serving as the political director of Texas Students United, a student interest organization focused on youth mobilization, electoral impact, and legislative advocacy.

In addition to his role as Community Organizer/Program Coordinator, Lincoln presently serves on the Board of Directors of the Secular Student Alliance and is studying politics at New York University.

Lincoln is excited to mobilize the Jewish community in support of the constitutional separation of church and state because of his professional interests in political organizing and personal identity as a secular, humanist Jew.

“The first amendment’s protections of freedom of and from religion are fundamental to our nation. They’ve been particularly important in allowing the Jewish culture and religion to thrive in the United States, and now more than ever, we must resist efforts to chip away at the separation of church and state and our secular democracy.

“I’m looking forward to organizing our community to take action as a part of Jews for a Secular Democracy, and I’d love to discuss our efforts with anyone who is interested in joining the fight.”

Lincoln can be reached by email at lincoln@jfasd.org.

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