Become a JFASD Volunteer Leader!

Become a JFASD Volunteer Leader!

Become a JFASD Volunteer Leader!

Are you concerned about threats from religious fundamentalists to reproductive freedom, LGBTQ rights, science-based policy, and secular education in America?

Do you want to mobilize your community, congregation, and/or fellow Jews to protect the First Amendment and KEEP RELIGION OUT OF GOVERNMENT?

We’re looking for Volunteer Leaders to help organize and shape our grassroots advocacy initiatives, focused on defending secular values at the local, state, and federal government levels, to keep our government neutral on religious matters, and to counter evangelical efforts to roll back progress on reproductive rights, LGBTQ equality, science-based policy, and more.

Volunteer Leaders will organize their communities to address policymakers and amplify the voices of Jews and allies who believe in secular government. They will have the opportunity to:

  • Coordinate on key issues with JFASD’s national staff;
  • Mobilize grassroots activists through education and advocacy around key
  • issues and current events;
  • Organize specific local advocacy projects, for example addressing a school
  • board or lobbying a state legislature;
  • Collaborate on JFASD national advocacy campaigns including combating
  • Christian supremacist organizations and protecting reproductive freedom;
  • Draft and sign letters to federal government agencies and Congress;
  • Write for the blog on, and more.

Volunteer Leaders will also interface with nationally-renowned thought leaders and advisors to help articulate the Jewish perspective on these issues.

An ideal Volunteer Leader will be active in their local Jewish community, such as a congregation, community organization, or informal group. They will also have excellent communication skills, an understanding of today’s political landscape, and ideally some organizing experience though not required. The most important requirement for this role is a passion for issues of church/state separation.

JFASD is a pluralistic initiative of the Society for Humanistic Judaism, and we welcome Jews of any or no denomination as well as the Jew-adjacent. The time commitment for this position is flexible! We appreciate any number of hours that a Volunteer Leader is able to dedicate to JFASD and recognize that individual projects may require varying time commitments.

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