JFASD Pew Talk

The 2020 Pew Survey of American Jews: Beliefs, Politics, and How They Relate

During this joint presentation from the Society for Humanistic Judaism ( and its pluralistic social justice initiative, Jews for a Secular Democracy (, Paul Golin discusses some of the key findings about rising secularity among American Jews and how it impacts their political decisions, and the relationship between secularity/liberal religion with liberal political views. One issue discussed is how the questions in the survey are particularistic to an organized Jewish communal worldview, rather than reflecting the full view of Jews at large, most of whom lean universalist. Golin expanded on this idea in a corresponding opinion piece that was published on May 19, 2021, in the Jewish News of Northern California, “What it means to be a ‘Jew of No Religion’—it’s not what you think.”…

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