JFASD Election Integrity Webinar

Election Integrity: Ensuring Trust at the Local Level

This informative webinar helped us better understand how election officials in key battleground states are working tirelessly to uphold the integrity of our democracy.

We heard from three local election officials: Oakland County (MI) Clerk/Register of Deeds Lisa Brown, Pima County (AZ) Recorder Gabriella Cázares-Kelly, and Broward County (FL) Supervisor of Elections Joe Scott. They provided an in-depth exploration of the measures in place to ensure that elections are safe, secure, and well-managed.

From debunking rumors of election interference to highlighting their successful strategies for safeguarding the electoral process, this webinar offered valuable insights from local county election officials into the integrity of elections in the United States. This program was made possible through a generous grant from Interfaith America. We thank them and our many co-sponsoring organizations who are named at the beginning of the video.

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