Connecting the Dots webinar

Religious Freedom, Repro Rights, and Public Policy: Connecting the Dots in Pittsburgh

In this inaugural webinar of our “Jewish Women and Religious Freedom in Pittsburgh” project, our esteemed panelists illuminate the intricate relationship between religious freedom and reproductive freedom, with a particular focus on how this impacts Jewish women and those of other marginalized genders.

Now, more than ever, it is crucial to understand the complexities and interconnectivity of these issues. Through the gripping personal story of Alliyson Feldmann and in-depth knowledge of our Professor Greer Donley, Professor Rachel Kranson, and Rabbi Emily Meyer, participants will gain the knowledge to advocate for true religious freedom and inclusive policies at all levels of governance.

Whether it is through grassroots activism, community organizing, or legislative engagement, we believe that every voice has the power to make a difference. This Jews for a Secular Democracy initiative is generously sponsored by the Jewish Women’s Foundation (JWF) of Greater Pittsburgh, underwritten by JWF Trustee Nancy Weissman, in memory of her beloved mother-in-law, JWF Trustee Jacquelin Wechsler.

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